Take Action: Say "NO" to Child Labour


Everybody can help make a difference, every day, with small choices and actions that have big impacts.
Be aware of the issue of child labour. Read up on the injustices done to children exploited and deprived of their childhood.
Don’t employ children as domestic labourers.
Don’t accept any kind of hospitality from children, not even a glass of water at the homes of your friends or relatives who employ domestic child labourers.
Don’t buy products, which have been made by child labourers and do not avail the services of restaurants or commercial establishments that employ children.
Identify companies that have problems with child labour in their supply chains and send letters of complaint to their headquarters. Tell them why you consider boycotting their products. Ask them what they do against the problem.
If you know someone who employs children, report it to the authorities or get in contact with BBA.
Child labour has become a topic of discussion in the media. Do not refrain from approaching the media.
Raise awareness among your friends and relatives and ask them to follow the same standards you do.
If you are ambitious, organize an event to increase awareness about child labour and help us raise funds to fight child labour.
Don’t just watch - TAKE ACTION YOURSELF!

resource : BBA

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