Book Review: "GOD is a GAMER" by Ravi Subramanian


Hi friends,
Here i am again to review a book which i have recently read. i must say reviewing anything give you a ownership towards it which cannot be feel by me  as normal reader (as i am bookworm) and when its not about  creeping about book :(

Again before i start pouring my views on book , i would like to thank  Blogadda to provide me opportunity to review a book.

so, suspense over .. the book i am going to review this time is "GOD is a GAMER" by Ravi Subramanian


About Author:

Ravi Subramanian is banker by profession and also well known thriller author. Well established and having his own writing skills for creating thriller with finance concepts.

Reference (wikipedia) : Ravi Subramanian is an Indian author. A banker by profession, Subramanian has written popular thrillers about banking and bankers, including two Crossword Book Award winning titles The Incredible Banker and The Bankster. Subramanian says "I will be satisfied if people remember me as the [John] Grisham of banking,"[1][2] referring to the American lawyer best known for his legal thrillers.

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Synopsis of Story:
A journey of  various events including  assassination of a U.S. senator; The death of the chairman of an international banking firm who is supposed to be involved with Indian Finance minister somehow ; The successful launch of a social media game on Facebook like candy crash; An ATM heist in the history of U.S of 5 millions $ using security breach at one of the India’s one of the reputed BPO firm.

What i thought about the Book:    I should say one of the interesting combination of technology and banking  thriller i have came across based on bit coins concept along with social media. i have not get any chance to read any previous work of Ravi but  sure i am going to give a shot to them. I am an IT person ... i can easily relate to concepts and enjoyed the book into bits. worth to read as reader.

Caught Attention: 
I can mention many points of this book which has caught my attention as reader in many ways.
1. Book cover : i loved it. it has instinct to draw your attention to pick up the book.

2. Story Plot : Bit coin based plot warped under US and India known firm and bank not to mention government addicted druggist who turned out be genius.

3. Language and format: Very easy and simple. Seems like writer truly believe in "Keep it simple" type.

4. Building blocks of Story: Amazingly and crispy way arranged 2/3 of book which actually give the shape of story. It gives you the reason to take a flow to read the book. I would love to recommend the this book for reading.

5.  Tag line( Is Revenge a crime?): As a reader if you have habit to remember the tag lines of book then this book has good one.. which can question your instinct ..whose revenge?

Scope of Betterment:
Should i say this part is tuff way .. i would love to recommend some points which can defiantly give the author a room of betterment

1. Female characters: Even having strong linkup and good scope in story.. Female character binding in book was weak. It could be better.

2. Lousy Wrap up of Climax:   A very good concept.. nicely plotted but last part of book does not hold me as a reader. I felt that i knew it type feeling but still even with predicable end .. this piece could be written better to get hold on readers which i felt was little missing here.

3. Motive of Revenge: Motive of revenge could be more strong because actions to plot revenge were very strong  by the character compare to motive.
Rating: I would rate this book on the scale of 5, definitely one time read and also at some portion it kept a hold and somehow enjoyable journey of reading.

3 out of 5

I would like to wish "all the best" to Ravi to putting heart and soul in this book.  I have enjoyed reading it.

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