Book Review: Private India By by Ashwin Sanghi (Author), James Patterson (Author)

         Book Review: Private India By by Ashwin Sanghi (Author), James Patterson (Author)

First of all , i would like to thank you Blogadda to provide me opportunity to review a book. Trust me that it's a tuff call to write a review for anything!!! Opps!!
So let me try and this is the first time, i am reviewing any book but don't worry i am book worm in words of my friends and capable to reading anything. So let me start with the Book i got a chance to read due to Blogadda.

I was little excited while i was waiting for the book which was arrived to me and when i got it in my hand the first thing i noticed was Book Cover and it was signed by the Author!!! WoW


The book i am reviewing today is " Private India By by Ashwin Sanghi (Author), James Patterson (Author)".
About Authors:
Ashwini Sanghi is known renowned thriller writer based on historical,  mythological and Mumbai based entrepreneur. I have not read any book written by him before for sure i am goanna read. He is author of 3 bestseller books. I am gonna read "Krishna Key" for sure.
James Patterson is author of Private series and which are very popular. He is good writer. Again i haven't  got a chance to read his writing before. i would pick now private series to read for sure.
Synopsis of Story:
Private India is based on series on murder occurring Mumbai city which include interesting yellow scarf and props used as hint by killer in unique ways. Santosh  is head of Private India Detective agency and also one kind of the best in investigation skills, also struggling with alcohol and past hired by former CIA Agents. With Good and packed team, Santosh works on clue and other interesting character is Rupesh which has unique style to help the PI team. There is additional plot going on ISI in story.
I am not gonna open the whole plot. you guys need to read once. Worth to read!!

What i thought about the Book:   

Caught Attention: I have read a thriller murder mystery after a long time. This book took me to back days when i was diehard fan of "Sydney Sheldon" 's writing. This is good thriller book based on powerful economical city of India. It hold the mystery till end which is definitely one of the highlight of book. Second highlight was description on city and murder scenes along with props ritual was good and catchy. Chapters are small and contents. There is tagline " It’s the season for murder in Mumbai" in book which do full justice with whole story. After reading this book, i am hopeful for Indian Author for writing thriller story. One of the best highlight, i found it is creating a story by two different authors and keep hold on it. I also like selection of unconnected various victims in different genres. in one line, Clean, simple and one time worth reading Thriller book.
Scope of Betterment:
What i wasn't able to relate was Terrorist and ISI part of the story which make me to feel too long and too much in good murder mystery. Grammatically, Book could be improve on editing part. Also I found back cover more interesting than Cover page. There is a scope of betterment for Cover page i would say.
Rating: I would rate this book on the scale of 5, definitely one time read and also at some portion it kept a hold also but still may be my expectation was little more.
3 out of 5

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