Who are you? North Indian or south Indian or north eastern?

Who are you? If somebody will ask you .first you might answer ur name then u will end up with ur specification like i m north indian or south indian or something like dis which will explain ur region.

Its always good to remember your roots but do you ever think that your essence to explain yourself as north indian or south indian or based on ur state give somebody cold feet to feel that they are outsider in front of you because she/he does not belong to your region.

By writing this i can remember numerous things which are ridiculous incidences in my point of view but now first i want to remember something which make me feel gd and ofcourse it is hypothetical to happen in real world of india

I believe that most  of you has been seen "chak de India". There was a scene in which coach is trying to get introduction from selected team members. There was message where coach wanted to give that we are indian.

I know that its hypothetical but what i can do that i still feel bad about the situation and mentality of our indian society. It matters more when i observe same thinking in young generations. I am not saying that you should not be proud of your culture . Ofcourse you should and you should save it also but that does not mean that you have to critics about  people or culture of other regions. You have individual rights to dislike people, food, culture but does not give you right to criticize other people just because they are  south indian or  north indian or north Eastern. You have right to be the way you want but still you don't have to right to tell that the way you are is better than others and at first you cant judge yourself on basis of in which part of India you have born because you don't have any contribution in it dear!

I am fortunate to have friends from many parts of India but we don't judge each other on the basis on region.

I don't have to tell you that how north indian treats north eastern people because it has evidence around us.people call north eastern girls " chinki". Seriously how the hell you dare to judge their character based on the region. I am a north indian and i lv my culture but when people behave in this ridiculous manner then i want to say that i am not proud of being part of this crowd. The student from arunachal Pradesh got dead just because some stupid insecure guys are threaten from his hair style!!!! Seriously , we so proud of being "young generation" are this much insecure from our people only. I want to say each person who just make fun of other people just because they are either north indian or south indian or north eastern  or from any state , then you should be ashamed because you have no right to do it because "this is our country" not a place purchased by you where you can decide that oh you are south indian then you must be fun object for me because north people are better than south or vice versa.

Just take a break and think that are you having such low mentality ( even you have enjoyed chak de India 😊) that you cant give respect to a person just because they are human and indian too( if it makes any difference to you!!).

How can you count yourself different from people who judge other based on their caste. How you will feel if in north east , guys will judge ur dear one's character and call them names just because they belongs to north or south. ( but trust me they don't.i have been live there for year and i felt they are more respect full when its cm to personal space and character. I am proud of my north eastern region because they are more open minded, respectful to other culture and welcoming 😊😊😊😊).

See i am NOT writing this piece to cristise you but i want request that please you are new generation ( you suppose to have better thinking and judgement nature because you are educated and better than those people who judge people based on their caste, religion or culture), please at least if you can give respect then at least treat them  ( those are already far away from their family and land) as human and don't you dare to forget that this is their country also.

Today i don't have any closure for this topic because i don't know how to. I can share one thing with you guys that trust me nobody wants to leave their homeland until it is not utmost necessity. You may count ur self lucky that you have born in part of India where education n job opportunities are much better but not everyone. That's because our so called govt is not doing anything to change situation of education and job opportunities in other parts , people has come far their homeland for in hope of better life but you guys make them feel lonely, outsider and un welcome due to this region n culture based out casting mentality.

So as closure personally as Indian want stand up and clap of you guys and now my head down to all those people who are away from their home and faced this kind humiliation from you guys and say “Sorry” on behalf of all those people of our country “India” who treats you as outsider on our land and judge you on basis of your region  to hide their insecurities.
I want say thank you those who treat everyone as human not discriminate them on basis of region.



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