Article 377 : Just a give a thought

I want to express my views on this from the day when our honourable supreme court has been given a judgement on it. But i could not. There are various reasons why i didn't able to put down my views on it. Let me list them

1. I maybe too scared to go into controversial topic. U know playing safe thing

2. May be i m too much frustrated about the fact, in my country nobody want to understand the word personal choice

3. May be i still want to look into perspective of the highest court of country (because i am die heart follower of its judgement from my childhood)

4. May be i am scared that people around will take my intensions on this topic as per their convenient in manner to judge my character.

5. May be i am waiting for our law makers to make a modified law regarding article 377

As i am saying that there can be various reasons why i didn't wrote about it even it keeps bothering me like hell.

So i am writing because i am living in country where people can rape but some people can’t have their personal choice to choose their life partner or their sexual orientation.

I know that where still most parts of India, people are not allowed to choose their life partner outside to caste, village n all .. Then how can i expect the people like khap or traditional parents (who still want their children to choose their professions on only education not their hobbies, but trust me there are parents who love their children and want happiness other than traditional one) can understand that their children might be gay or homosexual? How stupid i sounds currently i can imagine.

Controlling society or parents or beliefs who always say you have to live like this otherwise you are criminal or bad omen. A society or parent who always says don't talk to stranger but get marry to stranger. i want to say to the society that i respect ur rules but that does not mean u can force it.

Even i am totally in favour of people’s personal choice concept when it comes to choosing their lifestyle, profession, life partner n even which person or god he/she wants to follow but i am agree with one fact stated in judgement given by honourable supreme court that as per our constitution (article 377), unnatural partner or way to have intimacy is wrong. So as far as law is considered, it cannot be considered rightful under the Indian law.

Before going further, kindly refer the below link to understand or get a idea about Article 377:

What we need here is “Modification in law” or i should say “Modification in Article 377”. It will not be first time any modification will be done in law but what is required here is acceptance from family and society.

How can be treat a human being as criminal or as disease just because she or he has mind and gut to admit their personal choice. There is always be a rule or policy or a process which will say you should live like this but it is not required to follow it every time when it forces you to change your basic needs. You can’t change what you are as a person by nature or in terms of feelings/emotional quotient. That’s why adaptable or innovation words come in existence. there is history which always teach us that people with different culture has been came forward to prove established and old rules of belief or culture time to time and we have got the theory which says earth moves around the sun.I never understand that why people behave or think so judgemental way (that’s also based on old saying of how to live and behave) to judge others on basis on what they choose or how they choose to live.

I am not saying everything is wrong and each new thing should be acceptable but to see or understand that new change is good or bad , we need to give a chance to that change to prove. For this we as society and as person also , need to be open minded to look into the things without being judgemental.

Just a give a chance to understand other’s way too. It will only help surroundings to be better . If we want to make world as better place where our next generation can live then we need to choose the change against which we need to raise voice like rape, dowry, exploitation (any type of change which affect other life not individual who have made that choice) and which change (which is only personal choice can impact individual life as major) need an acceptance from us to give a chance to see the after effects instead of judging them on basis old saying.


Just requesting you all, give a thought without being judgemental that Article 377 needs a modification to give a fair chance to people who want to spend their life according their personal choice. They don’t want us to force you to do or live like them what they want is just accept them as they are. Don’t force them to change themselves, not call him criminal just because they are different from us.

Just a give a thought.

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