A Request From Voter to : Delhi CM

Change is on way but still I can't say it’s changing for good.

Who am i to analyse first? I am a voter not saying the voter because i am just voter who vote this time for change. As a happening, Delhi CM is on strike. Now this is a change but still is it for good?

I am a voter and i m not confused even i am not judging politicians around including Mr Arvind kejriwal. But as educated citizen of India , i want to say that what i hope from the change(AAP).

1. Code of conduct because u guys are educated citizen like us

2. U guys are representing US…. Be together because a political party should not be group of people driving in different directions. A political party should a group of people with different opinions but still driving in one direction to achieve a common goal.

3. I am not saying Delhi police is correct in their behaviour but even i am not pleased with the behaviour of Mr Somnath bharti ( he is suppose to be law minister how could he does not know basic laws of our law n order). I want to say to our representative that you cannot bring change in bad conduct by behaving in wrong conduct. In reality loha loha KO nahi katata hai. And most important u guys are educated, new and definitely u need to study and research about everything which include our country. that's y i have voted for educated and new generation.

 What is a difference if rabri devi (illiterate person who cannot know laws) and Mr. somnath bharti who still does not the basic law if I see them on basis on knowledge.

4. I voted for u because every time u guys ask us before taking big step y not ask us should Mr. CM should sit for strike or not. of course our other political parties are corrupted and under wrong leadership but i am not happy with current situation too as voter.( don't say u damm care about my opinion  because its one of thought who supported the change in election.)

5. I am not saying intension is bad. Of course intension is good even i want police should be under state govt but code of conduct is not proper. I want to stand and fight for u guys but how can i do it if i am not agreeing with things u guys are talking and doing. ( what u guys have done to somnath bharti and prashant bhushan  who represents us and talk rubbish on imp matters like idiotic politicians whom i didn’t voted, even as person they have right to have their personal view but sharing those personal views with media IS NOT RIGHT WAY TO BEHAVE because now they represents a party). I know that other politicians are bad on their behaviour that's y I have voted you so you can behave in right manner and make me proud of my choice of vote.

6.have our representatives has forgotten that 26 th Jan is coming and are we going to represents our internal vulnerability to other countries to strike us somewhere? Its 26 Jan.. Common

7. I know you guys are new and of course you will tend to make mistakes till ur party will reach maturity. that's y u guys need good honest and thoughtful experience officer who can help u in brainstorming to resolve issue as well as conduct to achieve it. U guys are new energy and educated with new thoughts then y behaving in this hasty manner. U r representing a state (or i say capital of India). Please think before speaking and doing anything

I am just requesting u that please don't kill my hope of change and  don’t represents my country in the manner the way idiotic politician do.

Make a change with good manner too and  we will stand by you for fight. But first think before coming on action

A voter

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