Jurrat is Courage!

It is always a challenge to choose a topic to write about and its not because there are less number of choices, No !! I face this because at same time so many things happened and it tuff for me to select which is more important to share. Currently so many things are on which i want to pour my thoughts like Section 377 and judgement given on it, delhi election, Modified, festival , Nelson Mandela, Devayani kand,Jurrat, Tarun tejpal, Lokpal and many more..

I want to share something on “Jurrat” because this is something need to know by everyone.
I wasn’t completely aware of it till i read an article on Mallika taneja about piece performed during Jurrat. Mallika taneja has performed 10 min sketch  act which began with Mallika in nothing but her lingerie, with heaps of clothes around her. One by one, she wore each piece of clothing, one over the other, describing how the society thinks that it's important for a girl to dress 'properly' in order to save herself from sexual harassment.
Being human and to say thank you to Jurrat team, i am trying to spread a word on it because don’t know how much society or govt or individual will think about it but the effort of Jurrat at least deserve this much respect and i am being human giving the respect from side by writing this piece.

First let me tell you what is Jurrat?

Jurrat was a campaign on violence against women held between 10 dec to 16 dec (as mark of 16 dec gang rape of 23 year medical Student) by Two groups, Swaang and Majma, with the help of other artistes and groups like IPTA from JNU, kick-started the initiative, saluting Nirbhaya's fight through protest songs, sketches and plays.

It was honest try of pay tribute and at same time raising voice against it. I am very much proud of it not because it may make difference to thoughts or opinion of our society or government, i m proud of it because people involved in this did this as hope and respect without thinking that “will it make any difference?” 

I want to salute each one individual involved in this campaign at any level (small or big) because the toughest part of anything doing right is taking first step. It was good effort even it may not make any difference on large scale but doing right thing is moral point of this and if effects one single person also that means your effort has paid off.

I always observe that first people says “kuch bhi kar lo koi fark nahi padta ,phir kya fayada kuch karne ka” ( do whatever , nothing will change then what is use of putting effort to being right). This is basic problem everywhere because before you do something, people say this and de-motivate you for doing right thing. It takes courage to say or doing right thing. It is always important to do right thing first without having an expectation what would be result .
I just hope anybody can answer question asked by Mallika taneja that how much dressing up can save a woman from sexual harassment.

Please read more about “Jurrat” on below mentioned link:

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