Are you willing to?

Today i have attended Christmas fun events at my workplace and trust me it was collection of talents around me which were booming.  There were various events and people put their heart to display talent as well as a feeling to entertain their co-workers. Hats off friends because it need something inside you!!!

There was specific part which talks about story telling. Various parts of it are pushing my thoughts and i don’t know if i can able to pour them with my pen. There were various words which have hold my thoughts like expectation (which was supposed to be demand), courage from history, togetherness, experience but there was something which was core of everything that was willingness. Willingness to share, willingness of having fun, willingness to motivate and may be willingness of appreciation. Now don’t get idea that i am goanna lecture around it but during the whole event there was constant question in my mind which was “are you willing to?”.

There was a question which asked by one of story teller (my co-worker) that are you feeling that demand (expectation) is constantly rising towards you in time is increasing. Of course many of us might answer would be yes J. But this is not the part i want share with you guys, part which was pulling... is (line shared by my co-worker) Time and expectation will be always there in constant increasing mode it’s your capacity you can increase(Whole story was good but this one is the milestone for meJ)

My thoughts again went to “are you willing to”? Reason y i am telling it because i personally don’t believe in “Capacity” concept. (no offense, it’s just my opinion ) so definitely for me, question has rephrased as Time and expectation will be always there in constant increasing mode but are you willing to handle it

To do anything and achieve something positive form it is always depends how much willingness you have inside you. That is main push which keep you going to do something even you are failing on it. This push let you try always even trying always. You can always see this in board way like you don’t like the system around us so now it’s your choice that are you willing to do something about. You don’t understand your subject but are still willing to learn it. You hate corrupt people but are you willing to stay honest to make it lesser. What i want to share or emphasis that its willing to do something is the driven key or factor of better things around you either you talk about personal life or professional. Are you willing to challenge your limit of learning or doing or evolving or anything?

If you are still willing to try, then trust me you are very much near to achieve what you want to do in spite of your knowledge or capacity or experience because willingness is like thrust which keeping you driving to water and this drive make you experience rich which you can use for urself as well as people around you if you willing to help them too.

So again i am asking you and myself too .. “Are you willing to?”

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