Attentive Action for Yourself and Your Dear ones: Its about you

 It happened again... Again a woman gets assaulted. I know this is very general thing like reading newspapers or daily chores things.
So, What is  special about this assault that making me pen down about it.  But this feeling or frustration is now growing inside me and this need to be get out from my system.

I always believe in changing self instead of changing around. Even i don't believe getting assault at any level especially sexual one is never woman's fault at any time. 
Because a woman who works as sex worker for living even doesn't deserve a force sexual assault or rape. Nobody has any right to have assumptions about assault which woman has suffered (not even  you have any relation too). 

It’s wrong and always stays wrong and nothing can justified sexual assault with anyone ( kid , woman, man) specially things like dress wore, timings at which people go out, Hangout with guys, food habits, or your NO, revenge and YES, none of these give right to anybody to do  or support rape or assaults  And you have reasons to think that "ladki ne kuch kiua hoga tabhi rape hua" so, please keep this thinking to yourself.

  Justice or punishment is other things but what about being human first. Anyway this sense can not be come in mind of abuser by saying these things.
Now if i don't want to give lecture to guys who love to rape or creep about so called society who continue assaulting the woman by analyzing their dress, or type of friend groups or timing of assault and giving character certificate after rape. 
What i am trying do here?

 I am here to request to those people who can be possible target of sexual assault  Yes, i can't change the mentality of society ..i can't change justice system i can't change police', i cant change rapist yes i m so helpless about all these things which can effectively change the situation in perfect way . .. Yes people can be sensitive and non judgmental about the crimes.. Guys can stop raping, police can work in effective way.. Justice can done early and straight forward in case of sexual assault but these are "shekhchilli ke sapne". 
 I cannot do anything about these. So here i am requesting to all girls, women, people who care about kids and women around them. 

Please at least you can do this least you can share more and more about sexual assault to create awareness .
The case i read today was about a girl taking lift from a known guy at time of night when no transportation was available to reach to public place to catch public transport. Since rape become so common word these days like sugar in tea that my mind didn't get diverted to police  case hospital and all next possible feelings which may helped that girl to less suffer aftermaths( what a joke).. My first reaction was what she took lift from a guy? Seriously what she was thinking that he will let her go to her home and safe from travelling and transportation problems..

Please girls don't be silly at any time.. It's you and your dignity are on stack..Who cares if anybody get raped..Remember you are nothing to a guy and nothing to our society

 It’s always you.  I know most of you are independent and equal to guys but its not about equal its not being modern or being independent or having fun.

But it’s about your dignity it’s about your choice it's about your “Yes" or "No".

Please read below mentioned points:
  •         Spiked drinks or spiked snacks/food
  •         Lift from guys (known or unknown)
  •         Meeting a friend at private space like rooms hotel
  •     Saying to yes drinks
  •         Meeting guys in isolated places like parking, parked vehicle
  •     Sharing photos or messages which can harm your image by being public
  •        Attending parties on unknown place without planning proper transportation
  •     Taking unknown cabs
  •        Meeting guys at non public place who have meet over internet or bu phone
  •       Getting involved physically with guy without choice on basis of saving relation, or for jobs or due to blackmail ( don't be offended its your choice not due to any pressure)
As a woman i am saying if you are doing anyone of above mentioned then dear woman you are the most exposed to assault and same time i am not saying that if you are not or careful about doing all above then you are safe ..then my answer will be a big NO. You know why because being assaulted specially sexual one is not YOUR FAULT

Sexual assault is person's fault who does that yes rapist is the animal who is at complete fault not the victim. But as said before we cant change things always so woman, girls and person around kids be attentive about yourself and surroundings to escape some situations which can make you easy target to get stuck in hand of mentally sick animals. We cant treat these animals and i can just hope that nobody get stuck with them .

But i again want to request that please women be careful about situations and people around.

 You can be careful about:
  • if you have to travel at odd time’s pleas make sure that you know the route and plan before hand transportation thing for coming and going. Don't get dependent on dicey situations of transport or friends
  •   Whoever it is even your best friend don’t take any food or drinks which didn't have your attention they might be spiked with drugs which can make you dicey
  • Avoid taking lifts. In worst case if you need to then before entering in vehicle make sure you call somebody and share person and vehicle information to your near ones.
  • Don’t take isolated public transport even u r with 2 or 3 persons or alone
  • Try to take always crowded public transport
  • Don’t look for comfort always while travelling or meeting body like room will have privacy lets meet or cab or lift is comfortable still don’t do it
  •  Carry your water bottle if you are travelling for long hours so you can avoid having water or cold drinks from others( here others does not mean stranger only) and same for snack
  • Don’t meet anybody in non public place even known people. Public place is more safe
  • Don’t meet people around isolated places even parked car
  •   Don’t let anybody misuse your feelings on name of promises of future.
Dear fellows,
 before ignoring in any case even in emergency cases or situation, that at end of day its always about you and your life and nobody cares now its time when you have to think about it and take control of your choices. Be brave and attentive and don't be embarrassed if people make fun of you that you are making scene out of today's situation. And the most important thing its not fault of your dress or your talkative nature or your job or your travelling time or culture or your carefree nature. 



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