Right To Reject: A power to take a step toward change

First of all, i just want to say before i pen down anything, I am very die hard fan follower of Our Supreme Court of India. In my life time span i always follow the verdict or statement quote by the supreme judiciary of our country. Why i am telling this becoz it is very much possible that i may sound biased when it’s come to Supreme Court of India.

Anyway these days, things are moving in each manner around me. I can see our country is progressive in each section of society either it’s negative or positive.   Our country is growing in each aspects   you just a name like in crime, technology, education, mentality, culture, politics, rave parties, live in relations, higher degrees, rich crowd, poor crowd, policies, youth activeness, bollywood, hotels, RBI policies, mark in foreign land, or corruption and i can sense change in everything.

I always encounter in daily basis people discuss about corruption, govt, arvind kejariwal, tagging a assaulted woman as characterless, policies, IT growth, recession many things. During all these parts i personally observe active involvement of youth in discussions. Yes, these days every youth has their own point of view either it’s about job, money marriage or politics or Narendra modi. It gives me a hope which is of course fragile one that when this youth will get a chance to cast their opinion for bringing the change, they will rock it.
Here is your chance.... “Right to Reject” .... Given by our Supreme Court of India to every Indian to make mark in change. I am very obliged to Supreme Court of India to give me this option legally to express my view because it is not possible to get down in gutter (current politics) to clean it due to my responsibility but now i can choose the person who may clean and maintain as well this. In my point of view, this is the change we were waiting for.
Let me let tell you that what is “Right to Reject”.

Right to Reject: Right to reject is a voting option which empowers the voter to reject all the candidates in a constituency.”

Please refer below:
In other words, You really give your powerful vote to correct and deserving candidate and if you don’t feel that list of candidate from your area deserve your valuable vote then our Supreme of court India is enabling to reject the candidate using “Right to reject “Vote. This is a power which makes your one VOTE more valuable and powerful. As before when you don’t give vote due to undeserving candidate by thinking that nothing will change that vote count as VOID but since we have “Right to Reject “vote is giving  you a choice to reject the candidate and voice out your decision strongly.
I just want to mention as power always come with responsibility. This is a power to take a step towards change. Power can be misused easily but in generally it happened when anybody use that power. But the power “Right to reject “can be misused in two ways , first when you use it without knowing it or second when you don’t use it. Before stepping out and going to cast your vote please take care of following points:
1.       Have your voter id ready
2.       Make sure to check the voter list to know where is your voting point to avoid any misshapen which can lead to not casting your vote
3.       Please know the candidates who are standing from area.

Knowing candidate will lead you to decide that which candidate can be better for your area. If you will vote anybody without knowing him/her that can lead same kind of environment with higher corruption rate. Second thing , if you don’t know the candidates and you use “right to reject “option since you don’t like that will unfair to candidates and additionally re-election  will happen that expense will be bear by common man only and a large effort also be re-use by govt officials only. If you don’t use the “Right to reject “option and cast your vote to any candidate due to the likeness of particular party. i.e. you are misusing your power .

I will request everyone please spread awareness regarding the power “Right to Reject” to every possible person for example your family members, relatives, friends, watchmen, retails store person, washer man, auto/cab person, office mates ...any approachable person. More awareness means less misuse of power and also A better chance to implementation change. Don’t think nothing will change. Do your part and perform your duty and hope for better future. Don't expect from others that they will do or do not do the right thing. You do the right thing.

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