Be the Change : Resolve , rather than react

Someday back i have attended one session on positive thinking.... It was quite interesting in many ways.. When i went to session i was thinking it oks if i ll get bore my phone ll be like" dubte to tinke ka sahara" jaisa.
When i came out ..i had so many things inside my mind but one thing i left behind ..that was being a creeper about anything. Now do i m tagging my self as creeper..omg is it mk me horrible L? But today i m not embarrassed to tel this that yes i was  a situational creeper.. may be i don't keep those creeps affect me much since i m not judgmental.

Anyway point is there will be multiple things which will wrong or frustrating but what we will be get by complaining about it. Does complaining or creeping will help things to improve in positive way. when we travel somewhere and see green area and we instantly say wow this is so good but we don't praise the people of that place but if we see un clean place we blame govt ..official...or politician.

I know we are taxpayers but is this one duty which we do regular ( i know that we don't do it as citizen duty we do this because we are force to do it. Whoever is doing it by their sense of responsibility, i really appreciate them :) ) give us right of complaining….any way we don't complain we creep because complain is something when a person report it at correct place or to correct person and then it becomes pointer which can lead it to action and creep is something where we just become a part of discussion without any real motive to resolve anything. Creeping about anything can be momentary pleasure or relaxation or fun but it always stay as one sided observation or reaction and you cant prove it as fact. 
As i was talking about other country situation where  environment may better than our country  but for one sec hold this  thought and think what do you do?

- When you are outside of ur home and ur chips packet get over and there is no dustbin available there..
- Think when u found a gutter without cover on rainy season
- When u see an underage child working on shop
- When a traffic officer stops you
- When you (a guy) sit in group of friends a gal ( may be loudly dresses) cross you
- When there is a long queue for tickets, temple or anything

Let me tell you what an avg Indian does... No offense
- We throw chips packet nearby saying that everybody is doing it what’s harms in it.
- We cross the gutter by blaming govt and corruption around us
- We try to convince the officer to take some money without giving you challan.
- we pass remarks or hoot or give a cheap grinning expression to gal.
-we try to go in between the line and try to get our work soon.

Let’s see what we can do or react to make things better:

- Always carry one extra packet to keep wastage of used things till u font come across a dustbin.. Or keep it in hand. It will help the clean your surroundings ..Cleaning does not mean to keep clean ur home or garden. If you want to keep ur city clean u need to start practicing cleaning throughout the day. Becoz only blaming will not help. Be real no body can assign you a cleaning person with you so he/she cleans whenever you throw something intentionally or un intentionally. I am not  debating over that govt or official are working as they should but to change something everybody has step up at their level.

- Either you can gather somebody to help you to get that cover or keep a danger sign there to warn others or avoid any accident and you can a give a call to nagarpalika to inform about it. Now this is where most of you are smiling on me by thinking that I have lost it..who on the hell do these. Of course you can choose easy way but imagine someone you know face any accident due to that gutter. We often listen that children fall in open gutter or pipeline. now thing abut nagarpalika , 99 % no action will be taken but you have done work. May be ur complain falls into 1 % ( miracle happens J). See its not always about action .. Its about implying sense of responsibility in your daily life action. You cant be responsible for others course of action but you are responsible for urself and ur surroundings like your daily chores.

- We can simply ask for challan card , pay accordingly and get a slip instead of bribing. Atleast we can try.

- First u can ask the child if he/she is not forcibly working..may be he/she has to work due to money... U can guide the child about evening school or give some old books.

- You can treat the gal as human being as you or ur family members are, because same can faced by ur dear ones (female).

 Again its up to u that you want to do or not. I am just saying the things where you can understand why other country has better perspective of environment or life. Its always up to each person. Society is collection people tied around individual. Our ancestors has created it for possesses good values and environment thorough generations and as of today we are part of this society and we are responsible for carry and improve good morals and which include everything like morals, family, individual freedom, sense of responsibility, respect each other specially females around ( I may hv not written female but as our society is growing around rape , domestic violence and many others behavior towards female. Force me to mention it J). 

I normally observe the people around me who always talk about other countries like how good the environment they have, people are morally active, their govt are managing things well and then there will be statement following up saying nothing can be change in our country India and reason will be corruption and of course our politicians… after having this kind of discussion we the average Indian get rid of feeling that we can’t do it anything about it and additionally feel we have completed our citizen duty also after this discussion. 
Yes , it is easy to appreciate other country and easier to creep about anything.

If your home is dirty then who will clean it? Think about it (specially when maid is not there hehehe)

Let’s commit to our self and behavior towards other and you will feel different. Let me suggest as I got message from that training lets write down 2 gd things you have done and 2 bad in a day and try to quite creeping for 1 week and you will realize how important are you and your behavior for our country and society. 

"Resolve , rather than react to people or surroundings or things"

So, Be the Change  and make a difference around you.


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