I don’t know why I have chosen this topic to write. What I will write about it? There is so many lines are floating on internet now days for word “Inspiration”, I can’t even imagine. Then why to write again. Then again, inside me something was pushing me to pour my thoughts around it. Don’t know from where that push was coming and trust me that push is stronger. So I gave up and hands down buddy!!!

I want to name it this push...Yes this push is the “Inspiration” right now for me.

What is inspiration?

A push to do something. A feeling or moment, or surroundings around us or a person or speech or anything which make a push to do something or think something can call the “Inspiration”.

Inspiration sounds so positive when we hear it. It gives a feeling of positive aura as if something is inspiring you to take step which is next to impossible or magical and that step will change things around you for good. All of us, at some point of time get inspire by something.

But inspiration can push you to do anything and now “anything” comes into grey shade. The inspired step can lead to right or wrong. A right thing for one person can be wrong for other. It depends on person how he/she is going to take it. For example a child can lie/cheat by seeing her/his parents doing same. A sibling can study hard by seeing his/her brother/sister is studying. A person can commit a crime by seeing other crimes around him/her. Doing right or wrong depends of perception of a person. Same goes with inspiration, how a person takes it. So same time, Inspiration does not only depend on a person who supposes to inspire. It’s also depends who get inspire. Getting inspire is something which always revolve around thought process of a person. Anyone can inspire by anyone at any moment by any move. like watching a movie a person can love the how clean a crime get executed and another one can get to see how that crime impacted surroundings and at same time another person can see the redemption of criminal. Watching a news piece just, you can be biased towards victim or situation or you can creep about police, management, and family of criminal or may be victim behavior. In all these cases, you are silent about solution.

There is always things, incidents and persons around who can inspire you the way who want to get inspire but it’s always you have to choose HOW you want to GET inspire.

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