Know the Signs


Children may not speak about the things when they are confused about it. They can’t always judge that things are happening to them are good or bad for them. Sometime they don’t speak due to embarrassment. Some time they don’t because they are conceived by person that he/she can harm their dearest one, sometime kid can be threaten for themselves, or may be due to fear of punishment or due to trust issue or maybe they are very close to abuser themselves i.e. there can many reasons due to which children keep mum about physical abuse. Now if they can’t speak doesn’t mean we adult cannot help them. It’s our responsibility to provide comfort and safe surroundings to kids. We have move forward and hold their hand and show them that “Don’t worry we are with you.”
How you can know that any kid around you may have faced this kind of unfortunate incident. We can start with reading silent signs from kids to know it.
It  may possible we are wrong about signs we are talking but are we ready to avoid the signs even there is  one percent chance that we can save or help innocent children around us. I think that I am willing to take chances against odds and I am hoping that you will too.
What can be signs we may see:
  • -         If kid is isolated
  • -         If kid is fearful around people
  • -         If kid is avoiding something like playing, meeting someone, anything
  • -         If kid is lying or stealing
  • -         If kid is having nightmares frequently
  • -         If kid is having problem of bed wetting at unexpected age
  • -         Making disturbing drawings e.g. pictures about abuse or molestation , using angry colors (black, purple or red)
  • -         Having More sexual knowledge as per his/her age
  • -         Behaving differently with other kids specially in physical manner
  • -         Sudden aggressive or violent behavior
  • -         Avoiding the person suddenly
  • -         Performing too good in studies or anything like suddenly
  • -         Performing too bad in studies or anything like suddenly
  • -         Too Silent
  • -         Sore body
  • -         Frequent stomach aches or vomiting
  • -         Self - Mutilation
  • -         Using toys to simulate abuse or physical activities
  • -         Being angry at frequent times
  • -         Absent from school or games

There can be many more sign but there will be always a sign which may notice. Just stay aware and alert for kids around you.

 Anyone can report child abuse on below:
Contact local Law Enforcement or Social Services
Call the Indian Country Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-663-5155

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