Innocence Abuse

“Abuse” is THE WORD which always gives pitiful impression or feeling to a normal person. Abuse is itself descriptive which does not need any specific definition.
Abuse is a tendency of people to mistreat other people. Abuse is a behavior which is “By the people” and “To the people”.  
Abuse can be mistreatment, misbehaving, or any kind of wrong behavior towards a person to get benefit in improper ways. Abuse can be seen in various ways verbal, physical, mental, legal, medical, adult, alcohol, system, personal, anti-social, social i.e. you can say a behavior name and it can be a type of abuse because misbehaving is itself is abuse.
So who can abuse and who can be being abused?
Any person can be abused by any person. Yes, it’s true even discrimination is also tag as abuse. If a person is not treating another person on fair basis means a person is abusing the other one.
So if I pour my thoughts around it then it will be endless trust me. So again I will go with the reason due to which I am thinking about the word “Abuse”.
One of the most common and less talkative kind of topic (means Hush Hush topic) .. Child Abuse or I can say Innocence abuse
Right now may be I am talking about child abuse in term of physical assault but child abuse can be mental as well as physical.
Usually I prefer to think about solution of problem but this topic is pushing me think more about problem and reasons around it. We can talk about lots of prevention always but do we really follow it. Do we really think that a child around us can be abuse? Are really put any effort to prevent keep any child from abuse?
Someday back one of my colleague has attended the session on this topic “Prevention of Innocence” where the presenter asked that who can be child abuser and people answered with various options like neighbor, strangers, family friends and some of them answered as extreme condition child abuser can be closet family members then again she asked are we shying to say that “Father/Grandfather/Uncle can be child abuser?”
I feel that we are not shying about things around when it comes to doing but yes we avoid admitting that an abuser can be one of the closet people to you. Yes, Avoiding the probability or Ignorance is the major reason of abuse specially child abuse. We avoid admitting, we avoid talking, we avoid to share and we avoid the behavior…. This ignorance can lead to horrible incidence. A child can be abused in various ways because they don’t know that whatever is happening or happened or about to happen is wrong or right, because they don’t know what kind of behavior can be assault to them? If you don’t know about something then how can be you protect yourself from it.

So here I shared my thoughts to each person who ever come across to a child (please don’t account child as girl child only  ... it can be male child)

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