Which Animal represents you

“Which Animal represents you” sounds like HR department topic. This topic is suggested by my supervisor during one of team building activity in which we have to share our views on own self and one of the point is “Which Animal represents you?”

Now this is the one of the good question and somebody has told that “Good question does not have answer”. 

I was thinking about this topic and i felt my thoughts are following in two ways. First of course since i have got this question at work front so i need to think about my weakness and strengths in terms of my professional life and then my thoughts are also going towards our society where animal are better than us. I am not very pet loving person but one of best trait in animal i found is their straightforward habit. No hidden things, they accept them self as they are. We human sometime lack this behavior too much when especially we judge anything including own self. As society is growing in every way e.g. Economically, socially, politically and of course technically also.

Behavior of society revolving by displaying all kinds of crime now days. I am having doubts about comparing human being with animal, will it be fair or not towards animals? I have learnt from school time human are evolutionary form of apes. Means history says human are upgrade version of animals somehow. It took many-many years reach a stage when human come to existence. But it just takes few minutes for us to again revert this revolutionary process and go below than animal behavior  India (my country) is one the best example of this. All age of females including Babies are getting physically assaulted and abused (list of criminal behavior i can mention but i don’t want to express the crimes happening in my surroundings). Instead of punishing the criminals, people on various levels are giving excuses about what are reasons to justify some of human degrade them self to below pesticide. Of course i don’t want to mention those lame excuses given by respected khap, judges, people, and politicians and many more. I am a solution oriented person and i don’t believe in complaining and specially I don't keep  hope about changing without any social action also.

But think, are we suitable to compare our self to animals? Are we having guts to admit that animals are far better than us?

PS: I need to focus on my professional front of this question and leaving my social responsibility in sideways for time being. By going through so many data available on internet (Thanks to Google), hopefully i will able to honored myself by comparing any other species kind.

on light note, Now let’s  give a thought on part which animal represents you as behavior (social as well as professional) and I will share my observation about myself in next post.

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