Thinking of blog name!!!!!!!

It’s easy to give a name to least it seems like we see something and address it instantly even it is stranger thing, look, person, activity .. It is giving instant reaction to what we see, feel. 
A way back i have seen one movie, in which A teacher called a student by her nick name "miss having opinion for everything”. Amused J
Yes that gal had a view for everything either in favor of or oppose. May be at some point she is going to inspire me because views matters either it is wrong or right .. it is in favor or oppose. Its represents tht you have a view or reaction for your surroundings..

Then I thought maybe I am not the exact person who has view for everything but I will have reaction to my surroundings it can technical, non tech, social or anything. I am not sure about what I will write but the fact will remain same always that it will always have my reaction to surroundings.  

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