Mirror Mirror

I saw a movie “Mirror Mirror” sometime back.  This is about a woman who was so indulge in herself and she always stands in front of her magical mirror and ask “Mirror Mirror , Tell me who is the most beautiful woman in the world?”

One day her mirror displayed reflection of another lady and then due to self-obsession the queen tried to destroy peace of another lady’s life. Just this movie gave me some thoughts..

What we see when we stand in front of mirror? Give a thought for a sec!

I am sure sometime u enjoy the reflection and sometime not. Due to human nature we praise and creep time to time about surroundings, people and other things

For a change let’s stand in front of Mirror and praise about our self. Sounds crazy?
But it is the important doing of our life. Don’t rely on others to say that you are good enough. For a change, let’s try to see our self in different light. Every person has flaws as well as appealing points.

 "Love brings you face to face with yourself. It`s impossible to love others if you don’t love yourself." – John Pierrkos

Yes love yourself, take your time and say I am wonderful and amazing person in unique way. Say it’s me who make choices on daily basis to build a future on it. Self-motivation is state of mind which can be achieved by loving yourself. I am not saying you are perfect but it is sure that you are unique. You should chose to be happy and live each moment fully of everything professional, personal anything.
Now I am not saying that let’s get on ride of self-motivation trip and catch superiority complex. It always good to know your weakness as well. Know yourself. Having flaws does not mean you are a bad person. Be good listener. Give space to people around you to show the facts sometime but make sure they are not demotivating you.

Judge yourself .Be mirror of yourself. Be open minded and accept things with facts because you are a good person and you can be a better person

So ask your mirror “Miror Miror What you are seeing?”

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