Discrimination Around Us

What you think about discrimination?

-Difference between persons on basis of various reasons.
-Doing favors to person on basis of various reasons
-Treating unfairly a person on basis of various reasons
-Wronging the person based on various reasons
May be I can go on for this definition thing as per my perception.

Let see what bookish definition of discrimination is:

Discrimination is the prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category, "in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated- Wikipedia

By seeing title, you may perceive that I am going to lecture around woman rights. I will love to do it as woman but not today. I am going talk about my views on discrimination as a person.  Discrimination can be done in various ways like a person belongs to minority group, due to socially or physically weak (as defined in culture), due to being woman, due to playing less popular sports (or I can say playing any game other than cricket in India for exampleJ), due to political background or due to money laundering around you or due to knowledge or due to fear.

I think that not being fair to any person in any situation can also be categorized as discrimination. Now this is time where I recall a small piece of a movie “No one killed Jessica” in which mother of criminal came to her husband and says “sunoji mere munna ko kisi bhi tarah se chhuda kar ghar le aao” (in English translation, listen bring my son home anyhow).In my perception, Justice is discriminated due to blood relation here. We can see all kind of discriminations in our daily basis life. Someone can be treated wrongly in daily life because a person is daughter not son, or is daughter in law not daughter, or is female not male ,or  is male not female, or is poor not rich, is common man not any govt. official or is lower caste not higher caste of society, or having lower social status not higher one and so on…

I believe, everyone of you have been either experienced or saw some type of discrimination at some level in daily life. Now some of you will agree and may think “yes I have seen but what can I do, people are like this, they don’t want change their mentality or thinking about things. Govt. is not doing their duty properly. We feel that people or society or culture around us is solely responsible for any discrimination. All are having backward thoughts. I can’t do anything.”  On some point I agree that things cannot change overnight nor society or govt. even people.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, we cannot change people or we cannot force people regarding how they behave. What we can do is we can change our self and stop doing or tolerating any kind of discrimination. We can start from taking small step to bring change or awareness. Some time people start accepting these discriminations as part of expectation of relations or society and stop feeling in times that they have been treated wrongly. No body can make you feel inferior if you don’t let them. Be ethically strong and Conscious to decide what is being fair. Apply those behaviors in daily life basis for being fair for everything as you are expecting from other.
Be fair, conscious and be change. Don’t forget Change start from you first. Stop being discriminating yourself and stop discriminate in every way.


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